One Punch Man Chapter 95 Speedster

100 Push Ups, 100 Sit-ups, 100 Squats and 10km running, EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!


ONE PUNCHHHHHHH. OK let’s bring everybody up to speed! One punch man revolves around a character called Saitama. In my opinion, this character is the funniest and strongest gag-comic of the century. If I had to compare, he would be stronger than Arale Norimaki from Dr.Slump. And we all saw Arale beat the shit out of Goku and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super lol.  Saitama hasn’t always been this strong. He got sick of his usual 9-5 job and decided to step out of his bitch ass comfort zone and pursue the life of a hero.

Here is the famous Saitama’s workout plan, follow at your own discretion for 3 years EVERY SINGLE DAY to gain superhuman strength. :


100 Push-Ups

100 Sit-Ups

100 Squats

10 KM Running

No Air Conditioner During Summer 

No Heater During Winter

Never Skip Breakfast 

(Warning: Hair loss is inevitable after 1.5 years of training) 


child emoprer

Now back to the story. The monsters association hideout has recently been discovered and was located in City-Z, right below where Saitama was living. The hero association has formed a group of elite heroes with Child Emporer being the leader. Somehow King (the 7th Rank S-Class), got thrown into this group as well. And we all know how much of a pussy he really is which makes it funny to see how he tries to avoid every fight possible LOL.

flashy flash

In this chapter we can see Flashy Flash (What a fucking cool name smh), finally gets to show off his strengths and abilities. Flashy Flash was the former No.1 of the 44th graduating class of the ninja village. This is the same class as Sonic-O-Sound so it should be interesting to see their reactions when they meet. Flashy Flash is most likely as fast as Atomic Samurai, but I still think that lazy uncle is still holding back.  He is currently fighting against Hellfire Flame and Gale Wind, 2 demon level monsters known for their remarkable speed. Ironically they were the 37th Graduation of the same ninja village. Finally, Senpai noticed a Kohai LOL. The back story as to why they are trying to kill Flashy Flash has yet to be revealed.

Screen Shot 2561-09-14 at 5.05.37 PM

After the fight with Elder Centipede, Bang, Bomb and Genos got beaten pretty bad. Genos went over his limits and got his ass kicked again. *Sigh when will that boy ever learn. You know Genos if you just follow that training regime………… Nonetheless, Genos got a new upgrade and I’m pretty excited to see how much more powerful he has become. As the doctor said himself, this configuration is a tad reckless, with all offence with no balancing factor.  Meaning that if he fights at FULL POWER AND FUCK SHIT UP the armour will break. Genos looks less and less happy as the series goes on. I think he’s getting a little too hungry for power. It nostalgic thinking back to the good old days when the manga began to see how much of a goof he was with Saitama. These days he’s just all too serious in my opinion.


Screen Shot 2561-09-14 at 1.30.31 PMFirst, let me give a quick shout out to my boy Garou. Two words describe how I feel about him. HOLY SHIT. After beating the shit out of Metal Bat, getting into a fight with Giant Centipede, Bang, Bomb, Genos and 10 other A rank heroes alone. My Boy, you are definitely THE MOST BADASS EVIL CHARACTER IN THIS MANGA. Not only that, he took on Orochi head-on not giving any fucks about dying. But sadly, due to the injuries from the previous fights, he lost to the big monster king. I’m sure if he was in tip-top condition he would have stood a reasonable chance. The fight between Garou and the other S-Class Heroes is definitely one of the most anticipated fights everyone is waiting for. I really want to see a Garou and Genos rematch.  Having gain new equipment and fighting experience, it will be one hell of a fight!


Screen Shot 2561-09-14 at 12.58.56 PM

Ganna throw in my favourite character Tastsumaki in here because well…..she’s hot and shes the strongest telekinesis user. Kinky AF. Jailbait Alert. LOL.

Who’s your favourite character(s)?

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