Wiseman’s grandchild wasn’t so wise

I love Isekai anime’s and this protagonist was over the top powerful. I mean Shin was already great at magic AND he was raised by Merlin the greatest magician of all time….. Nothing can go wrong there lol. Although Merlin does admit Shin to be a pretty powerful magician, he has taught everything to him except common sense. THE BOY DOESN”T EVEN KNOW HOW TO USE MONEY TO BUY FOOD FFS.

We start with your typical Isekai death that’s right people….. some nerd got hit by a car again lol. We are transported into this medieval town which I presume is England. Shin was a baby at the time and his carriage was attacked by a demon bear. Luckily the great Merlin was around and saved the day. Tragically the boy’s parents were killed leading to his adoption by Merlin.

Several years have passed and Shin has shown a great affinity for magic. His talents far surpass those around his age. I mean kids at his age were still playing with toys while he was ready to kill demons and hunt for food. This kid is the epitome of the word overpowered lol. Fast forward a few years and it was time for him to go to a magic school. With both his grandparents worried, they soon accepted that he needed to make some friends lol.

Both Merlin and his ex wife are famous war heroes who killed a Demonoid monster. Everywhere they go, people would be screaming Merlin samaaaaaaaa. Kinda annoying but adds to the comedy. Shin sneaks out to have a walk around town. He meets up with a gang that was harassing a red-hair girl named hottie number 1. Shin steps in to save the day badabing badaboom didn’t even break a sweat. GG NOOBZ.

Shin then meets the love of his like Sizilien von claude, the better version of Aqua lol. I mean she was a real baddy yo like holy shiettttttttt. I’ll let the GIFS speak for themselves huhuuhu. It turns out that they were going to apply for the same magic academy. When the day came, needless to say, Shin was at the top of his class during the magic trails. He nearly blew up the entire school lol.

He becomes friends with Aug the crown prince who is a pretty cool dude. The whole class has decided to create a study group called the Ultimate Magic Research Society where Shin and a bunch of his friends can let loose. Like blowing up mountains and flying around kinda loose. They all train to take down the antagonist Oliver Schtrom who is a humanoid with insane magic powers.

I enjoyed the fighting and light high school romance associated in this season. The girls at this academy are dream girls that you would wish to be in your real-life class. No offence to my friends in high school but I prefer anime girls over you guys LOL. I’m a weeb, I know lol.

Sizilien Waifu ❤

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