I have the power of God and Anime on my side!


Hello, guys, my name is Boss.

As you can tell I’m an anime fanatic. I LOVE watching anime and reading manga in my spear time. It sorta gives my life a purpose to wake up every morning LOL. I’ll be writing my thoughts and opinions on the stuff I’m currently watching and reading. When I have the time I’ll come back to ALLLLLL of the anime and manga I’ve ever encountered. (RIP Keyboard). Hit me up for any reviews you want me to write about and I’ll get to it as soon as I feel like it. Most likely I would have seen it before so and if not, well then I’m a fucking disgrace to my family lol.

So for all you Noobs Newbies out there who are keen to get started on the world of anime (Warning: There is no turning back), you’ve come to the right place!

p.s I do not own any images or GIF’s. No infringement is intended so please don’t kill me lol

Keep it fresh 😉