Cells at Work Episode 11

Hi, I’m AE3803. I’m a red blood cell 🙂


Cells at Work or Hataraku Saibou is an anime about the various cells within our bodies. Created in a fun, comedic and at times gory style to capture the attention of medical students who are too lazy to make their own notes lol. The main protagonist is AE3803 or Reb Blood Cell for short. Trying her best to survive in the complicated maze known as our blood vessels, she ends up delivering oxygen to the wrong places 95% of the time. And yes that is how Asian flush occurs, not because we’re lightweights lol.

Due to various circumstances, she gets into a lot of trouble. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time is mostly to blame tbh haha. However, it’s really strange to see how the person in this anime gets sick every week. One week its pneumococcal infection next is influenza and the latest one was bloody cancer. I mean how immunocompromised can you get, give the poor person a break haha.

Luckily RBC has a fast, white little friend that always gets her out of sticky situations. No, it’s not sperm….. pervert. His name is U-1146 or known as White Blood Cell. He is always the first responder in any foreign body invasion. His favourite weapon (and probably only weapon) is a military combat knife. This guy is fast, strong and super kakkoii. However, he can be a bit dense and unpredictable at times which makes him one of my favourite characters ❤

Due to fate, these two always bump into each other whatever part of the body they are in. And because there are around 37.2 trillion cells within the human body, the possibility is next to bloody zero lol. I swear these guys are destined lovers or some romantic shit lol. WBC has saved RBC numerous times as seen on screen. If it was biologically possible, they would make a cute couple lol

And of course, there are other cells in the body with various roles as well.  I CBF talking about all of them but the ones you should be looking out for are the Platelets because I kid you not they are the cutest fucking bunch of kids this whole god damn anime universe has ever seen. Whoever drew these little ones deserves a straight up Nobel prize because this is the closest humanity will ever get to WORLD PEACE on something everyone can agree on. I mean everything about them is just total Kawaii. From the way they talk, carry out tasks and work together as a team will just captivate your heart within mere seconds of seeing them. If you do decide to watch it because of my blog, look out for the famous scene where they have to carry a large load down some stairs. OMGERD, it will make your heart melt! It’s like seeing a cute puppy eating a big tart of apple pie while a small baby laughs happily next to it.

Anyway back to this recent episode. This time the body has undergone heat stroke. Weak AF lol. The cells think its global warming SMH. Every cell in the body is thrown into turmoil. They struggle to do their job properly as the body experiences vertigos and blackouts literally flipping their world upside down. And what do you do when all hope is lost? Whip out the prayers and rain dance LOL.

And as you guessed it, another bacteria enters to fuck shit up for the cells. While everyone was being roasted by the extreme temperature, the Bacillus cereus was unaffected due to its encapsulation. My man U-1146 does his best to eliminate the Bacillus but grows tired due to heat stroke. The bacteria was also being a little bitch running around and hiding, making it harder for my boy to finish him off.

From the heavens, a HUGE transfusion needle pierces the sky and squirts out fluids……………… IV fluids. The miraculous rain averted the dangers of heat stroke and saved the day! This allows U-1146 to be fully replenished and is able to fight back the bacteria. He finishes him off using his super sick moves like he always does. OMAE WA MO SHINDEIRU! Poor little platelet, so innocent and pure not knowing what’s going on lol ❤

The animation and thought that goes into Cells at Work are truly magnificent. With character development and the right touch of humour, this anime has the potential to go a long way. I hope they keep going with the series and even produce a season 2! This is definitely my top 10 favourite anime that I would recommend to anyone 🙂 But for those who have actually read the manga, please bless us with your insights whether the plot is a make or break.

Business in the streets, freak in the sheets. Macrophage Waifus X3 ❤