Attack On Titans Season 3 Episode 9

Are you asking why people eat potatoes in genereal, sir?


Welcome to the world of the Titans! Approximately 107 years ago, the emergence of titans has threatened the existence of our fellow Homo sapiens.  Humanity has been forced to live in concrete walls segregated by class and power. And as you can tell the rich and powerful live in the centre where the ones on the lower socio-economic side live on the outskirts. Why might they do this you ask? Well, it’s because the only thing these bloody titans eat are humans! Consider yourselves lucky that there are no titans in real life because the struggles in this anime were real.

The story is based around the dynamic trio Eren Jaegar (bomb), Mikasa Ackerman and Armin little bitch McGee. The three grew up in Wall Maria, the outermost layer. Eren’s family adopted Mikasa after her family was massacred in the forest and ever since then she swore to protect Eren’s life. The three went into training academy and a few years later got selected for the Scouts regimen. This is the squad involved with Titan extermination. How fun!


The primary weapon of the Scout regimen is the Omni-manoeuvrable gear and titan slaying blades. The single edge blades are made of a strong and flexible metal that is capable of slicing through titan flesh. The only way of killing a titan is slicing off the nape on its neck. Any other method is redundant. So as you can see, this is where the 3D manoeuvre gear becomes useful! Just imagine little kids swinging around like spider-man with big sharp swords lol.

The 3D Manoeuvre Gear is an omnidirectional spatial manoeuvre unit. The steel cable is connected to a control unit with a gas cylinder. The gas from the cylinder is blown onto the fan, making the gear spin. The steel cable is launched and reeled in from the drum working as 2 independent axes. Add in the body weight control equipment (stabilizing straps around the body), to increase the multi-spatial movement seen in the anime and BOOM! You have a self-propelling system that you can control at your fingertips!

In Attack on Titans Season 3, there is a mystery around the king’s identity and the walls. We discover that there were titans within the walls and that Historia and Rod Reiss were the true heirs of the throne. The current king was debunked and was revealed to be a fraud used by the government to keep the people under control. A new character called Kenny Ackerman was introduced and turns out to be Captian Levi’s Uncle who took care of him after his mother died.


As you’re aware, titans are able to gain the memories of the other titans they eat. Because of this, Rod and Kenny kidnapped Eren to gain the power of the Founding Titan inside of him. Why Eren has the power is a long story………. Eren’s Dad stole it from Freda Reiss (Historias half-sister?) and injected it into Eren to prevent the Reiss family from wiping out the memory of humanity again. Oh, that’s right when the Founding Titans power is mixed with noble blood, it allows the user to alter the memories of humans. THIS is why nobody can remember the outside world and what happened before that.

Rod Reis tried to inject the Founding Titans Power into Historia but she denied it. One thing leads to another and she body throws her dad to the ground. Overreacting much lmfao. Rod Reiss having lost his dignity decided to do a floor suck of the leftover serum to gain the power. He transforms into an abnormal titan that is 120m tall. Because he was abnormal, he couldn’t walk and had to face plant his way to the walls.

As the cave was collapsing from Rod Reiss transformation, everyone was at a loss on escaping. Seeing a hardening serum on the ground Eren decides to chuck the vial into his mouth and chewed it like a fucking Boss. You could have opened it like a normal fucker but nope, you just had to do it the cool way. Well fucking done Eren >.> He gains the Titan hardening powers to be able to produce and manipulate crystals from his skin saving everyone from their imminent doom.


Now as the abnormal titian reaches wall Maria, the count regimen was set up ready to attack. They were firing cannons at it but all were ineffective. Using their ultimate trump card, Eren transforms into a titan, picks up the bombs and shoved it into the abnormal titians mouth. The abnormal BLEW up and it was LIT FAM. After that Historia flew around searching for the nape and sliced it up. She fell into a band waggon got up and declared herself the true Queen to the people. Like a Bowse.

Find yourself a girl like Queen Historia. Total babe ❤